What’s really preventing you from starting your business?

Introducing Mental Fitness Bootcamp for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A Focused and Proven Framework for Taming Your Inner Villains, Activating Your Untapped Mental Powers, and Kickstarting Your Business!

If you dream of being your own boss, this is your chance to FINALLY say goodbye to fear, self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome, and other forms of mental self-sabotage and get to work building your business!


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Your mind is sabotaging you!

Your MIND is the reason you are having difficulty making your business dreams happen.

I feel you. I have a sabotaging mind, too. We all do. Our sabotaging mind is hard-wired in us.

How do you know if your mind is sabotaging you?

Here are some clues:

  • Having trouble focusing on business building?
  • Always learning about business but think you still aren't "ready"?
  • Promise yourself you'll work on it but get distracted by Netflix or TikTok?
  • Self-doubt kicks in whenever you try to take action?
  • Hate your job but afraid to quit and do your own thing?
  • Thinking that maybe you should give up on your dream?

That's your sabotaging mind stopping you in your tracks.

It uses negative thoughts and feelings to derail you. Self-doubt. Fear. Perfectionism. Imposter Syndrome. Anxiety. You end up procrastinating, overwhelmed, or quitting.

I have good news!

You can win the battle against your sneaky sabotaging mind.

Mental Fitness Bootcamp is THE most powerful and effective way to stop the mental self-sabotage so you can get to work building your business.

It teaches you how to catch your mind's sabotaging patterns. Self-doubt, fear, perfectionism - all the ways your mind derails you. And it gives you tools to rewire your mind to be more positive. To see opportunities instead of obstacles.

Imagine if your mind was your ally most of the time, not your enemy. Imagine finally taking action on your dreams with laser focus.

Mental Fitness Bootcamp makes this possible. It flips the script so your mind serves you and helps you reach your full potential.

  • You'll rewire your brain to ditch limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and negative self-talk for good.
  • You'll gain the skills, strategies and mindset of the most successful entrepreneurs out there.
  • And you'll create an unstoppable foundation for turning your biggest dreams into reality.

Sounds good? Ready to stop the self-sabotage and make your mind serve you? This program teaches you how.

Corporate Drop-out Turned Small Business Owner Turned Mental Fitness Trainer

Hi! I'm AJ

After getting my MBA from UCLA, I worked in product management and marketing at General Mills, Nabisco, Reebok, and Phillps, all Fortune 500 companies. I was product manager on such well known brands as Wheaties, Grey Poupon, and Norelco.

After 10 years, I decided to drop out of the corporate rat race because I did not want some gray haired old guy in the corner office controlling my career destiny.

I founded a market research company that specialized in the housewares industry. My clients included well known brands such as Cusinart, Calphalon, and many others. Over my 35+ years running my own company, I was regularly featured in trade and business publications, and was a frequent speaker at the Housewares Show and other industry events. I even got interviewed by CNN once!

In late 2018, I closed my consulting company because it no longer fulfilled me. I longed to transform the lives of individuals rather than help manufacturers make more money.

So, in early 2019, I embarked on my next career.

I tried and failed to start my business for 3 years straight. Every year, I'd start out the year all pumped up. I'd tell myself "This is the year!" But a few months in, I'd get discouraged and quit.

In 2022, I knew I couldn't keep doing that. If I failed again, I didn't know if I'd have the energy to try again. And if I gave up on my dream, I knew I'd regret it forever.

I realized my mindset was totally holding me back from starting my biz. My self-talk was suuuper negative and my self-doubt was off the charts. Imposter Syndrome was kicking my behind. And I couldn't just flip a switch to be more positive - I needed help!

That's when I found mental fitness. I was like "Eureka - this is the solution!" I found out that my mind was sabotaging me over half the time - no wonder I was stuck!

So for the past 18 months I've been obsessed with mental fitness - doing the mental workouts, rewiring my brain, all of it.

And let me tell ya...it worked!

  • Now my mind is my friend instead of enemy most of the time.
  • I finally started my coaching biz this year like I promised myself. I turned my dream into reality!
  • I spend my time feeling grateful, joyful, curious and optimistic instead of depressed, anxious and frustrated. I'm happier than ever!

Now, I've taken everything I learned about mental fitness and combined it with my personal experience into a powerful 6-week program.

I've been where you are. Together, we can get your mind working for you, not against you. Are you ready to start making your dream business a reality?

Mental Fitness is the Key to Creating The Results You Want In Your Business

Daily Gym Sessions

15 minutes/day of app-guided practice enables you to establish mental muscles (neural pathways). These exercises are bite-sized to fit your busy schedule and customized based on how you self-sabotage.

Weekly Focus

Weekly hour-long video delivers deep experiential exploration of the week’s focus. You’ll feel inspired and energized to practice during the week in order to sustain the benefits experienced during the video sessions.

Daily Focus

Daily 2 minute mini-lessons that reinforce what you learned in the weekly focus along with 3 2-minute practice sessions to apply what you are learning.

Accountability Group

Weekly meetings with the people who are going through the Program with you. Accountability is a critical success factor when building new habits. (b/c there is a 500% greater likelihood that you will stick with new habits if you have support and accountability.)

Daily Encouragement

You'll get words of wisdom and inspiration delivered directly to your inbox every morning to inspire you and keep you motivated when you get hijacked by your Saboteurs.

Mental Fitness Bootcamp Is The Most Effective Way To Make Your Mind Serve You Instead of Sabotaging You

Self-doubt is replaced with confidence. Fear with courage. Perfectionism with progress.

Imagine what you'll accomplish when your mind is finally working for you, not against you!


Let’s Do This!

If you’re ready to take control of your mind, you can move from self-doubt to confidence, from fear to courage, from perfectionism to progress…

I can help.

After struggling to start a new business for four years, I found a scientifically-proven methodology and a framework that will help you harness your mind power so you can reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.

This is… Mental Fitness Bootcamp.

Introducing Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Mental Fitness Bootcamp is the culmination of 2 years of tried and true personal experience using the 3 strategies of mental fitness and helping others to do the same.

It’s the solution to the self-doubt, fear, Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism that are standing in the way of your business dreams. It’s mental fitness, positive mindset, confidence, and courage that will get you where you want to go …. Faster.

And most importantly, it’s a process that will permanently rewire your brain and reprogram your mind so you can access your wisdom, intuition, creativity, curiosity, decisiveness, and action-orientation to build your business.

"Mental Fitness Bootcamp helped me rewire my brain and re-discover who I am."

As a result of taking AJ's Mental Fitness Bootcamp, now when I feel a negative emotion, I tend to be quicker to redirect my thinking. I am able to disconnect from the less constructive thoughts, feelings, and stories and move forward with a strengthened positive brain."

- Stephanie T.

“I have seen dramatic transformation in myself after having participated in the bootcamp.”

AJ is a well-informed, compassionate coach. She is very professional and is an impeccable coach. She genuinely wants each participant to have all the resources they need to transform and blossom into their Sage. She's very supportive and guides participants in a non-judgmental, non-hyper-achiever fashion.

- Karina G.

As Apple used to say in their 2009 ads for the iPhone, “There’s an App For That!”

One of the coolest things about the Mental Fitness Bootcamp is that everything you need to do your daily mental fitness training is in the palm of your hand … because there is an App for that 

  • 6 Content-Packed Training Modules
  • The Daily Focus mini-lessons and exercises
  • The PQ Gym
  • Audiobook of the first 8 chapters of the book Positive Intelligence

Why Is Mental Fitness Training So Effective?

Focus on Habit Formation 

Most trainings result in short-lived improvements. For sustained results, we focus on building neural pathways that form lasting new habits. That’s why we call this “mental fitness”. 

Treat Root Cause 

Our factor analysis research has revealed the foundational root-level enablers and disablers of optimal performance and wellbeing. We rewire the brain at the root cause level. 

Develop all 3 Core Muscles 

Mental fitness requires three core muscles. Saboteur Interceptor to manage negative thinking, Self-Command to shift from Saboteur to Sage mode, and Sage to develop an Empowered Mindset.  

What’s Inside Mental Fitness Bootcamp?

6-Week Foundation

You'll build a foundation of mental fitness by strengthening three critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self) to your inner Sage (your positive self).

Week 1


Through a breakthrough process called PQ® Reps, you'll develop greater mastery over your own mind, quiet the negative, and activate the positive region of your brain.

Weeks 2 & 3

Weaken Saboteurs

You'll expose the lies, limiting beliefs and damage of your Saboteurs, so they can no longer fool you into thinking they are helpful to you.

Weeks 4-6

Strengthen Sage

You'll access your innate inner wisdom and untapped mental powers so you can handle challenges with confidence, courage, and resilience.

Pay just $549 today!!!

Pay just $549 today (and two more monthly payments of $549) OR save 10% with the pay-in-full option.

What you get in the 6-week program:

  • 1 year subscription to the Positive Intelligence® App
  • 6 Content-Packed Training Modules
  • 72 Daily Focus mini-lessons and exercises
  • The PQ Gym with 18 workouts ranging from 2 - 12 minutes
  • The book Positive Intelligence in audiobook and PDF formats
  • AND 4 Additional Bonuses and Resources

3 Monthly Payments


3 Monthly Payments


Full Payment


Full Payment



When you enroll, you will be added to my PRIVATE Community. This is the place where you can share and celebrate your Wins, track your progress, ask questions, get clarity, participate in Challenges, and build lasting relationships with your fellow Founding Members.

You’ll meet one-on-one with me in weeks 1 and 12 to measure your Positive Intelligence Quotient before and after the program and come up with a customized training schedule that fits your daily routine.

You'll get words of wisdom and inspiration delivered directly to your inbox every morning to reinforce your learning, inspire you, and keep you motivated when you get hijacked by your Saboteurs.

You’ll get Cheat Sheets so you have the step-by-step processes at your fingertips whenever you need a refresher.

365 days to Put the Method to the Test! 100% satisfaction guarantee if you do all of the work and don’t see results.

“This is my commitment to you. I want there to be no risk whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the community!”

I am putting 100% of the RISK on me!

You have EXACTLY 180 days from the day you start the program to put Positive Intelligence® Method Academy to the test! That’s six months to change the balance of power in your brain.*

I offer this 100% satisfaction guarantee* because I believe in the Positive Intelligence® Method THAT MUCH! Positive Intelligence just plain works if you work it and I will refund your money if it doesn't.

There IS fine print to this Satisfaction Guarantee. It is NOT unconditional. You won’t get results if you don’t do the work. To qualify for the 100% money back guarantee, you must follow the Positive Intelligence Method training regimen. You must:

  • Watch all 6 weekly video sessions
  • Do at least 36 PQ Reps a day
  • Attend at least 10 of the 12 meetings of your Accountability Group
  • Share the results of your pre-and-post PQ Assessment results with me
  • Post at least once a week in the PIMA Community

If you’ve done all these things and your Positive Intelligence Quotient score hasn’t improved, I will give you 100% of your money back.

*What do I mean by “ change the balance of power in your brain”? None of us will ever be totally free of mental self-sabotage and negative thoughts and feelings because …. We are human beings with a hard-wired survival instinct. However, we CAN exert better control over our minds when we follow a daily mental fitness training regimen and practice the Positive Intelligence strategies. When we do that, our positive mental muscles get stronger and our negative mental muscles get weaker. The way we measure the strength of our positive and negative mental muscles is through the PQ Assessment that was developed and tested by the Positive Intelligence company. The Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) score measures the percentage of time our minds are serving us versus sabotaging us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you need to have answered before enrolling in the Positive Intelligence Method Academy? Below is a list of the most common frequently asked questions I get, with the answers below! If, for some reason, you do not see your question, simply reach out to me at [email protected].