Closing the Dream Gap: Courageous Paths to Your Biggest Goals

Mar 29, 2024


You have a vision - a big, bold, earth-shaking dream that could revolutionize your world. But something keeps holding you back from fearlessly pursuing it. Whether it's the paralysis of self-doubt, the weight of imposter syndrome, or endless hurdles that seem to block your path, you've fallen victim to the Dream Gap. This insidious divide between where you are and where you desperately want to be steals away your courage, conviction, and forward momentum. Countless transformative ideas remain trapped in limbo, world-changing businesses stall before ever launching, pioneering talents languish untapped. The costs of playing small are immense - for you, for future generations, for the world hungering for your vision. It's time to demolish the Dream Gap and finally turn your biggest ambitions into reality. The world is waiting for you to boldly dream.

Let's talk about the Dream Gap

Let's talk about the Dream Gap. It’s the gap that comes between girls and their full potential. 

Those are the opening lines of the video I saw recently about the Barbie Dream Gap Project.

Click on the image to watch the video

This video hit me hard and gave me chills all at the same time.

Because ... The Dream Gap is real ... 

Not just for girls but for women as well. It's the gap between us and our full potential. 

Many of us have Big Dreams of how we want to change the world in our unique way.

We want to write a book

... or start our own business 

... or apply for our dream job 

... or do a TED Talk or become a keynote speaker

.. or propose a new idea to our company that could be worth millions in revenue. 

But something inside us is keeping us from taking action on our Big Dream. 

🛑 We may be stuck in the quick sand of overwhelm, uncertainty, self-doubt, fear ... paralyzed and unable to get started.

🛑 Or maybe we got started making our Big Dream a reality but then we got blindsided by a setback or obstacle or an attack of Imposter Syndrome. We started to second guess and doubt ourselves and then we quit. We gave up our Big Dream or put it on the shelf for later.

🛑 Or maybe we convinced ourselves that we aren't qualified enough or don't know enough or aren't good enough yet (even though we are) ... so we signed up for another class or program or online course or get another certification or degree.

That's the Dream Gap in action in the lives of so many women today. 

Only it's more like a brick wall that is standing between us and our Big Dreams.

The Dream Gap

The costs of the Dream Gap are enormous. As Tara Mohr wrote in Playing Big, "Think all the ideas not shared, businesses is not started, important questions not raised, talents unused. Think of all the fulfillment not experienced."

Imagine how much better off the world would be if we all were able to courageously pursue our Big Dreams. 

We need to close our own Dream Gaps ... for us ... for young girls ... and for the world.

Believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Some reflection 🪞 questions for you to ponder:

✍🏻 What's your Big Dream? 

✍🏻 How long have you had this Big Dream? 

✍🏻 What's keeping you from taking action to make your Big Dream a reality?

✍🏻 If nothing changes in your life, what will your life be like 6 months from now? How will you feel if you are no closer to making your Big Dream come true than you are today?

✍🏻 What's ONE thing you can do by the end of this week to move a step closer to making your Big Dream a reality?



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